“I have just been asked to do a presentation”…..Relax and take your finger off the panic button 

One of the most common struggles people have in life is speaking in public. You may have always managed to avoid these scenarios like the plague. You may also be in a place where enough is enough and you just want to be equipped to be comfortable and confident to present without the all the drama attached. From a personal perspective, it can be sometimes easy to wiggle out of these stressful scenarios. Sooner or later from a professional context, avoiding a presentation at work or leaving it until the last minute can start to impact your career or work life.
 Where to start – start with yourself and your thoughts
 Most people have the same fears, looking silly, what will people think, being forgetful, babbling or not getting to the point. It is really important to overcome these fears and understand where these unhelpful beliefs come from. Once you challenge these beliefs you can make huge strides which will impact both your personal and professional life.
 Understanding stress
 Most people become stressed when it comes to public speaking. Surveys often quote that the number one fear amongst the population is public speaking. To put this in context fear of death is number two on the list. It is useful to remember the purpose of stress. Stress is a function of the human body designed to protect you, once you reframe how you see stress it will make public speaking such a different experience. To help with this reframe remember: FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. The more relaxed you are the easier it is to communicate, so find ways to relax before presenting.
Helpful beliefs about your self is a great start to increasing your confidence. Always play to your strengths. What people tend to do is compare themselves to others and then they never match up. Comparing yourself to others can be limiting and damaging. Everyone has their own personality and style. Play to your strengths be your authentic self. Sometimes you just got to imagine that confident state and fake it until you make it can be a good strategy until it comes second nature to you.
Always start with the audience in mind. What is the purpose of your presentation? What would interest them? It is really important to capture the audience’s attention and maintain their attention. Here preparation is key. Have structure, a beginning, middle and end. Ensure you know what key messages you would like them to remember and find ways to make those messages memorable. Remember: what would you like the audience to think, feel or take action on.
Engage the audience
 Many people would love to have the confidence to engage the audience but just don`t know how. This is about understanding your audience and meeting their needs. Build rapport, be brave and curious when it comes to audience interaction. Being able to read people`s body language and influence people will increase your ability to engage the audience. Remember, always put yourself in the audience’s shoes.
Practice makes perfect
 If you ever learned to drive a car, you will know you didn't just drive automatically to your destination without guidance. Treating presentations the same will help you improve. Seek feedback from others on how you could improve and look specifically at what others do. Remember, look back, reflect on what you did well and find ways to improve. Focus on presentations as a learning experience to becoming an expert to presenting with impact confidently.
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Be Resilient and Shine Bright Recently I designed and delivered several training workshops on Resilience. I have been interested in Resilience for many years and was delighted to speak at the National Forum on Resilience at the invitation of President McAleese in January 2010. My work with Resilience has continued with my coaching practice, by working with clients and focusing on developing Resilience. Throughout my professional life many people have posed the question, “How can you be so resilient?”

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Local man William Corless has gained the recognized distinction of becoming one of the coaching elite in Ireland. After a lengthy and vigorous credentialing process, the owner of YellowWood has been awarded the much sought after ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation. 

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 A Miss Take is a Valuable Learning Experience
Remember it is okay to make mistakes, mistakes offer is a learning experience. This is the reason why employers are looking for experienced people as they want to capitalise on the investment another employer committed to their employees in terms of time, money, training and development.

Even the most positive people have negative thoughts from time to time
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