Coaching offers huge hidden benefits with major financial return
·         Increase Sales Potential
·         Develop New Income Streams
·         Increase Productivity
·         Efficiency
·         Improve Energy Levels
·         Positive impact on performance
·         Improve key relationships : Clients, Suppliers and Team members
HDA, a UK based, global consultancy conducted a survey on the use and impact of executive coaching and found:
·The majority of respondents (82%) believe that executive coaching impacts positively on business performance.
·Virtually all respondents (94%) stated that executive coaching provides value for the investment.
·82% of respondents offering executive coaching to employees as an important component of building a successful employer brand.
This supports research that suggests that senior executives are more attracted to an organization where coaching is offered as part of their executive benefits package.
In another study, a Fortune 500 firm documented an ROI of 529% and calculated a documented increase in productivity of 7.3% to increase the firm's profitability by more than $600,000 in one year