“I worked with William for a number of sessions. I found him to be authentic, focused, personable and professional. I got a lot from the process and would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”
(John, Loughrea)
“As a coach William has a balance between a grounded strength and a sensitivity with deep listening skills. This and more supported me in a transition time in my life.”
(Mary, Dublin)
"William is a gifted and intuitive listener and facilitator, he can take you safely as deeply as you want to go. His style and approach is gentle and yet challenging in a very supportive way. If you are committed to really shift your life you can expect amazing results in a short space of time. As a result of my coaching with William I have taken a significant step forward in my life plan."
(Carmel, Tipperary)
"I found William to be very professional in every way. He made me feel very at ease which helped me to speak openly about issues I needed to address. I found each session to be beneficial and came away with a lot of clarity regarding the issues I discussed. I felt he listened to me with a lot of empathy and understanding."
(Damian, Kerry)
My coaching sessions with William provided me with a safe and thought provoking space to think out loud and choose action that was right for me. William was professional in his approach and facilitated my progress with just the right amount of challenge along with great listening and feedback skills.
(Anne, Cork)

I just wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going for me. I had my Year-End Review this morning and received a rating of ‘Outstanding’ which I am delighted with.
I achieved the agreed outcomes of our sessions together and got the results I was looking for.
This is exactly what I was hoping for and I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to you for all your guidance in leading me down the right path for me. Without your coaching I certainly wouldn’t have been able to reach my potential.

(Employee, Boston Scientific)

I met with William at a point where I was having difficulty maintaining a work life balance. With his help I began to understand why I needed to maintain this balance and why it was so important. I genuinely looked forward to our meetings and always came away feeling refreshed, positive and enthusiastic. At this time I was also trying to make a decision on where my career was going and was a little apprehensive and perhaps under confident that I could achieve what I set out to achieve. William had this ability to make me realize what I needed to do, how I could do it, and gave me the confidence to believe that I could achieve it. I am now in a job that I love and have a great work life balance. Little tips and tricks that William gave me along the way have really helped me to stay focused and driven to ensure I am the best that I can be. His positive and friendly demeanour is so genuine and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

(Employee, Boston Scientific)

William Corless has been a fantastic coach over the last 18 months. William has provided me with the toolkit to come back to work after a one year absence for maternity leave. He helped me rebuild my confidence and he has provided me with the competencies to be the best that I can be in my current role as a HR Manager for EMEA. He has guided me through challenges of time management and being a busy career driven mother.
He has helped me become a better Employee, Employer, Manager, Wife, Mother and a better person in general. He has challenged me when needed with some self-actualising questions. He has also enabled me to take a step back and see both my strengths and weaknesses and offered me guidance on how to work on my areas for improvement.
William has been a mentor and a confidant and has helped me through some personal challenges and decisions.
He has also facilitated the rebuilding of a very dysfunctional Management team through awareness and communication; he has established a culture of trust within the team. He has enabled this team to move from a storming to an almost performing team over the 18 month period.

(HR Manager, Multinational)