New Year brings New Hope
The New Year brings new hope in to our lives, the hope that something different will change our lives for the better. Many people commit to New Year’s resolutions in an effort to change the way that they are, as presently they may not be fully satisfied with where they are right now in their lives.

Celebrate the Best in You
There are times for many of us when we become self critical. Sometimes we miss out on opportunities, we may wish for something which we can’t attain or we may simply make a human error. Sometimes our focus is so attached on an object or outcome that we become too hard on ourselves.

Make it happen
I was reading a paper recently and I saw that Owen Hargreaves was due to line out for Manchester City. It got me thinking, here was a guy whose career was written off due to the ravages of injury and who was only being considered for the lower leagues, most notably Leicester City.

Try Again, Fail Better
There is no learning like the experience of failure, which is why employers look for people with experience. They are looking for people who made mistakes and learned from them.
Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. ~ Samuel Beckett

The Pursuit of Happiness – so what’s stopping you?
We all have desires, whether it’s a desire to improve your career or business, to have a better social life or to have the courage for public speaking. Some people are fortunate to fulfill their desires and for others they are just pipe dreams. So why is it that some people dream and do while others dream and don’t…..what’s stopping them?